The QSafe has been designed as a smart refrigerated controlled drug system

It acts as a controlled drug safe with automated electronic controlled drug recording which eliminates the need for controlled drug registers. It has been designed to provide instant supply of the cannabis medicine to the pharmacy at the time of dispensing with all Section 29 reporting requirements addressed at the time of scanning the NZePs barcode.

The other major advantage is that this eliminates margins through the distribution chain in order to ensure the cost to the patient is kept to a minimum, it also includes automatic fridge temperature control monitoring with alerting if the fridge goes out of range and automated reordering and inventory management. The QSafe is fully integrated into the doctor and pharmacy workflow and with Rx One and Toniq systems..

Acknowledgement to Brookfield Pharmacy


  • Free to pharmacy (installation included)
  • Consignment stock until dispensing occurs
  • Electronic Controlled Drug Recording – no CD registers
  • Eliminates requirement for triplicate prescription (as integrated to NZePS)
  • Automated temperature recording and alerting if out of range
  • Automated Section 29 recording
  • Automated reorder levels for automatic resupply.
  • Fully integrated into the doctor and pharmacy workflow
  • Integrated with Rx One and Toniq dispensing systems.
  • Able to stock any MOH quality standard approved cannabis product registered on the ULM (Universal Medicines List)