Our vision is to create affordable and accessible treatment, and a happy, healthy New Zealand.

Eqalis was established in early 2019, with the aim of helping to build an industry from the ground up from the horticultural heart of the Bay of Plenty.

Since the earliest days of this emerging category, we’ve believed in the importance of a team and culture based on transparency, tenacity, agility, and innovation. And that belief drove us to where we are today. At the very forefront of New Zealand medical marijuana.

Driven by science

We’re leading the way with research.

As our industry continues to grow, a laser-focus on research, supply and innovation will only become more important.

The Eqalis Story

The body requires balance.

Based on medicinal cannabis’s ability to bring the body back into its natural balance, the name ‘Eqalis’ comes from two key principles.

Cannabis has a powerful ability to bring the body back to its natural state of equilibrium. Using the plant’s numerous beneficial elements, we’ve produced medical marijuana that works throughout the entire body. All with the ultimate goal of homeostasis; the total stability of the body’s internal systems.

Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY)
QALY, a globally-recognised system that determines a medicine’s value based on the quality of life it provides. QALY is central to what we do – growing our finest quality ingredients under the strictest of conditions, so we can help build a healthier and happier New Zealand.

Representing the Eqalis brand is the Statera icon. It symbolises balance, wholeness, symmetry, targeted relief, and continuous development, with the suggestion of a flower alluding to our horticultural heritage.

We are currently collaborating with world-class growers, industry experts and stakeholders on both a national and global scale to bring only the best medical solutions. In late 2022, we expect to be launching our New Zealand grown and manufactured CBD-based medicine.

Our team

We have merged with Cannasouth

On 1 June 2023 Eqalis merged with leading medicinal cannabis company Cannasouth.

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Our Clinical Advisor Board

The Clinical Advisory Board was formed in order to seek advice from key clinicians and ensure decisions they make are focused on medical professional requirements and patient focused care. This committee is comprised of senior figures across a range of medical backgrounds.